Customized Lawn Care

Welcome to Landmark Outdoor Services L.L.C. We provide all types of services from basic mowing, fertilization, lighting design & build, as well landscape design and build.

Water Features and Management

Welcome to Landmark Outdoor Services L.L.C. We provide all types of services from basic mowing, fertilization, lighting design & build, as well landscape design and build.

Tree Services

Landmark‘s tree services are fully supported by our employees and our partners* to create the most beautiful landscapes.


Full Facility Janitorial Services

Landmark‘s Customized purposeful indoor services. Our Janitorial Services are able to be scheduled anytime of the day on a pattern that will work best for you.


Your weeds out of control?

Landmark‘s licensed technicians will help you succeed in achieving a healthier and greener lawn.


Residential, Commercial, Educational and Industrial Clients

Lawn Care

Landmark Outdoor Services is committed to maintaining your property in a professional and well-groomed manner 365 days a year.

Landscape Design & Build

Landmark completely supports the design and installation of Tulsa's most beautiful landscapes. See what we can do for you.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Is your weed control out of control?
Landmark‘s licensed technicians will help you attain a healthier and greener lawn.

Tree Services

Professional arbor services provided by Landmark & our partners* helps many keep their trees and shrubs manicured and looking good all year round. 

Lighting Design & Build

We offer outdoor lighting services for your property. We design and install all types so that your property is illuminated. We also install holiday lighting and remove it at the end of the season.

Water Management

Water Management is pertinent to a property's value. Landmark can completely design a Water Management solution that will solve your needs.






A Commitment to Quality and Service


Landmark Service Group offers the most comprehensive grounds services for residential, commercial and industrial landscapes. All of our clients needs come first and we strive to build and maintain the best relationship possible. We strive to be Green Country’s most professional grounds maintenance company by consistently achieving great quality, presenting with cleanliness, and value.

“We are quick to realize that words and talk might help to gain a new customer….but it is the day to day PERFORMANCE that makes a customer a “life-long” client.

“We take great pride in building relationships with our clients and maing certain that their needs and expectations are not only met, but EXCEEDED….EVERYDAY!

“…knowledgable crew members in all aspects of turf management, landscape, irrigation maintenance, design……pride ourselves in delivering a quality, finished product that emphasizes attention to detail.”

If you want the best call the best, to bad Google review doesnt have 6 stars!!!! This company is the BEST in the surrounding area!!

William Brandon Jr

8 months ago

Experienced Staff - Service at Heart

Landmark’s Outdoor and Janitorial Team features 100+ highly trained, skilled, licensed and degree-ed employees. We staff only the most exceptional, professionally trained and dedicated individuals available. Our commitment to service proves, we are unmatched.

Ozone Alert Aware Business

We support the Tulsa Area Ozone Alert awarness days by running our cleanest burning and alternative fuel powered equipment. We have additional propane, E85, and natural gas powered fleets.

Cutting Edge - Green Technology

Only the latest equipment and up-to-date methods are used on every one of our job sites. In order to provide a cleaner-greener service, everyone of our fleet’s vehicles and equipment are maintained by our in-house mechanics on a regular basis. Licensed lawn application technicians on staff and regular in-service training for all employees.

Questions, Concerns or Opportunities.

We are always looking for new opportunities to support new clients with their property maintenance. Please for free to contact us by filling out our contact form. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have about our services and how we can work with you to maintain the best ground possible.

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Landmark Service Group

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* We do not trim trees above a certain heigth, we use third part arbor companies.