Fertilization & Weed Control

Is your weed control…out of control?

Landmarkā€˜s licensed technicians will help you succeed in achieving a healthier and greener lawn.


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OKAG Licensed Pesticide Applicator Class 3a, 7

ODOT Safety Certification and Training

Fertilizer Application

Insect Repellant Application

Weed/Herbicide Control

Sod Installation

Sports and Athletics Fields Maintenance/Installation



Hydroseeding is an economical way to put down a hearty lawn. You can go from no lawn to full lawn in 30 days.

Sod and Turf Installation

Professional Installation of Sod and Turf. Sports Turf and more.

Chemical Application

Insecticide – Weed/Herbicide – Fertilizer – Animal/Rodent Repellant